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About the Island

The island of Milos is one of the popular Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group.

Due to its volcanic landscape, the beaches of Milos vary in geological formation. This is also why the island is rich in natural resources. The most characteristic beach is Sarakiniko, with an impressive lunar landscape. Very beautiful are also the beaches on the southern side of the island, including Tsigrado, Paleochori and Agia Kyriaki. Not to miss is a trip to Kleftiko, the Sea Meteora as it is called, a region with impressive rocks in the sea.

Highlights in Milos:


The fishing village of Klima is famous for the boat garages that the houses have in the ground floor. The white, blue and red colours make a picturesque place.


Sarakiniko is the most famous beach in Milos, famous for its white rocks. The volcanic background of the island have Sarakiniko this lunar view.

Firiplaka beach

Lovely beach of Firiplaka Firiplaka is an amazing beach next to Tsigrado, on the southern side of the island. This sandy place has crystal waters and only few tourist facilities, so it offers chance for privacy.

Scuba diving centers

Exploring the seabed of Milos The seabed around Milos is very interesting to explore, as it has ancient shipwrecks and reefs rich in flora and fauna. Many diving trips to secluded islands are also organized.

Windsurfing centers

Try windsurfing in Milos Due to the strong summer winds, this is a great island for windsurfing and kite surfing. Over the last years, some surfing centres have opened on the island.

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